Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fresh New Quilt....A Slice of Heaven II

I just needed to quilt..it has been awhile since I created anything...and I felt the need to create! This quilt uses some of my favourite fabrics in a simple square in a square design...couldn't be easier to make and gives a quick beautiful result. This quilt was featured in the Homespun Magazine Vol 9, No 9 Page 79, but in a different colourway. It is a design I created called "A Slice of Heaven", because any work that you do just on a whim is a slice of heaven!!!


kim said...

Hi Sharni
I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and joining in the "perm" fun!!! I've just had a look around your blog - your stitching is lovely and congrats on the profile/project in Homespun magazine!!!!

clare said...

Lovely quilt , your work is beautiful, Clare's Craftroom