Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summer Holidays and a little Recovery...

I know you normally do a "Spring Clean" in Spring, but because I work full-time, my spring clean comes whenever I get the time.

At the moment, I'm on holidays, it is Summer, so I get to do my cleaning now!! I love to wash everything, vacuum every surface and get everything spotless ready for the next year!!

So I decided to recover the Sofa, as I washed the other covers, while on my mad cleaning spree and they promptly fell apart!! Why does that always happen???

So I took a trip to my local fabric shop, and bought some fabric and spent 2 days measuring and stitching, and finally the Sofa was done.

I Think it Looks Good!! Nice and fresh!! Ready for the next year of wear and tear!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doing A Little Work Lately...

It seems that I have been taken over by the quilting monster recently....I have been consumed by getting some of my quilts that I started awhile ago, finally finished...and I can say I have almost done it...

Here are some final pictures of "Swoon"...finished..

A little mini quilt using a sampler pack of "Vintage Modern" by Camille Roskelley...finished...

Some hand quilting on "Flower Sugar"...almost finished!!

And the finished "Kiss Kiss" Nightshade Quilt...which I am very proud off...and has gone to my new daughter-in-law for her birthday....and she loves it!!

Am I allowed to start something new now!! Always!!