Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time For Change...

Is the world of blogging coming to an end, with the introduction of Instagram? I hope not, I love spending lazy days reading through my favourite blogs, to see what people are up to and looking at inspiring quilts and who has made what and how they were created. 

I absolutely love Instagram, and it is my daily quilting fix, as I pour over photos of quilts, fabrics and family snapshots, and be totally inspired for the day, sometimes it even gets me out of bed and onto the sewing machine, but I still find that blogs give you a greater look into what someone is creating. You can add lots more photos and heaps more writing and notes, it is more like a journal. So I will do both!

I must admit I have been pretty lazy when it I come to my own blog, so I thought today as I'm home sick that I would freshen it up and give it a face-lift. Ive kept it pretty basic, just focusing on what I believe is important to me, and to you the reader. Here you will find snapshots of quilts that I'm working on at the moment and pictures of beautiful fabrics.

I have also included in the sidebar a quote of the day (which may end up being monthly, knowing me!!) I have also included my favourite blogs, which I'm sure there are many more to add. I am also thinking of doing a favourite of the month, be it a store, a blog, an Instagram link or whatever, one that has inspired me and I hope will inspire you!!

To those that blog regularly, please keep it up, as you offer wonderful inspiration everyday! 

Beautiful fabric selection from Amitie Textiles