Monday, January 21, 2013

Kaleidoscope Quilt....

I found this quilt in a new book that I purchased awhile back, called "Little Bits Quilting Bee" by Kathleen Ricketson, founder and editor of; a woman who has brought into being the world of creative craft blogging!! 

Kathleen's quilt is called "Gold and Garnets", which I love, but when I purchased Tula Pink's fabric range, "The Birds and The Bees", I knew straight away that I was going to use this range of fabrics for this particular quilt. The contrast was perfect.

As I was making it, it started to remind me of those old fashion kids toys; 'The Kaleidoscope'. Don't you think?

The challenge was the points...but as Kathleen says, don't be to perfect with the points, just match the green/blue intersection, and it will all be okay...and she was right...This is my version of the quilt...and I love it!!

Until next time...keep stitching...

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