Friday, July 1, 2011

"The Comfort Quilt"

I needed to make a quilt for our bedroom that would go with the blue, the linen and the provincial style that I was planning to create in our bedroom. I was looking through the latest issue of "Vignette" by Leanne Beasley, and I came across this quilt - "The Comfort Quilt". As soon as I saw it, I just knew this was the one I had to make.

So the following Saturday I was down at "Gail's Patchwork", buying my fabrics. This is the stack that I purchased...

Next came all the cutting, which I find I really enjoy doing, there is something very relaxing about it, laying all the strips into columns, they look kind of cool!

Now I've just got to work out in which order I will stitch them together...

Until next time,
Stay Safe
Sharni xx


Fiona said...

I love that quilt too Sharni - I am just waiting for the Cabbages and Roses Collection to be released and then I will make a start on mine too.

Hugs - Fee XX

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Hi Sharni

I found your blog via Google images when looking for inspiration for this quilt. Can I link this post o my blog? Thanks, Carole

Sharni Crossett said...

Hi Carole, Yes that is fine. I really believe in sharing!! Enjoy!!