Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Tree

Tonight I spent my evening cutting out Easter Eggs from beautiful scrapbooking papers to attach to my Easter Tree. I pick up a willow tree with lights from work and then put on the cut out eggs, hanging them on white string. I also added chocolate eggs as well. I am going to hunt out some feathers and make up some polystrene eggs to add as well.

Decorating Easter trees is another festive holiday custom that traces its roots back to Germany. The traditional "trees" were branches in a vase hung with brightly colored eggs. Today many homes hang the painted or dyed Easter Eggs and other decorations on real trees in their front yards to add a colorful touch and a festive spirit to the whole neighborhood.

A variation on the secular Easter Tree tradition is based on the Bible. Many Christian families create ornaments from scriptures starting with Genesis and ending with the Resurrection. You can either add one ornament a day for the 40 days of Lent or just one per week until Holy Week when you'll add one per day. The ornaments are usually hand made and the kids help to decide what symbols to make into decorations for the Easter Tree.

Whichever idea suits your family best, you'll have lots of fun with this holiday tree trimming custom. These
sites will give you a bit of the background and history of this charming tradition and some great ideas for decorating your own Easter Tree...

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