Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Rainbow Quilt...

After seeing this quilt in a book, I decided that I really wanted to make it, as it was so striking in its design and by using just one jelly roll of plain rainbow colours and strips of white homespun. A rainbow quilt was born.

It was a little tricky to get the placement of the rows which are all offset by 4", but having a large lounge room floor definitely helped with this, (I must admit, my knees didn't like me the next day!) I eventually got it all worked out, and began to stitch it together.

I love the final product, and quickly had the complete quilt top at the quilters!! I decided to have it quilted with clouds in white stitching, which I think has turned out great. Edge to Edge Quilting have done a great job, thanks Sandra and Chris!

I really didn't know what to put on the back of the quilt, and I knew I didn't want anything to plain or to colourful as it would take away from the front of the quilt, so when I found this retro sewing ads fabric at my local Spotlight, I knew this was it!! And only $8 a metre!!

Finished result - Excellent and definitely a favourite!!

Until next time

Keep stitching


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