Thursday, November 1, 2007

Christmas Is Coming....let me tell you!!

"Christmas is only 8 weeks away", so I was told today by a friendly lady. I said to her, no! actually Christmas started about 2 months previously for me. Anyone in the craft world would understand that we start our Christmas projects in July, getting things organise and made for our wonderful display of handmade items. I didn't really get inspired to make anything until Christmas hit the shops. As I work at Lincraft, Christmas started in September, with decorations and bon bons galore... Wonderful colours of hot pink and black, teal and silver, and of course!, the traditional red, green and gold. This has inspired me to get out my Christmas stitcheries and finish them off... Here are some I would like to share with you.. The patterns for these are available by leaving a comment for me with your details.


staci said...

I just found you thru Nicky's blog and you have some wonderful eye-candy!!!

I love those red and white ornaments with the hanging bells. What is the name of the pattern and company? I would love to try to find some to stitch for gifts, although probably not for this year :) My email is:
Thank you in advance!!!

Deb said...

Hi, Just found your site from Leannes House. I'm always looking for different Blogs to the ones i always visit. I'd love a copy of the patterns maybe if I start now I'll get something finished for 2008. Deb
Thanks Heaps.